Not staying silent.

I have been trying to find the right words to talk about what is happening in the United States right now, what has been happening for a long time but has been especially spot lighted during the recent events in¬†Charlottesville, VA. I feel as though everyone has said everything there is to say, and much more eloquently than I am doing right now, but I am not going to stay silent. As a white person, I can not and will not sit back as a silent bystander. Let me make this clear right now, I do not tolerate actions and words motivated racism, islamophobia, transphobia, fascism, or anything else that these people stand for. I am terrified (but not surprised) that the men and women who protested in Charlottesville didn’t even feel the need to wear masks, because they saw nothing wrong in their actions and knew they could get away with it. The fact that they showed up with torches preaching white power, and no one was killed or hurt (aside from anti-protesters preaching against violence), no police showed up with tear gas and SWAT gear, no one was arrested on site, that… that is white privilege. None of this is okay, and neither is it something new. So Listen, listen and amplify the voices of people of color. Listen to those who are marginalized. Raise up their stories, and whatever you do, do not stay silent. Because in silence, you may as well pick up a torch yourself.

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