Activism for those who can’t protest.

As someone who gets major sensory overload and panic attacks in crowds I hate that I have to opt out of not only counter protests and marches, but most vigils as well unless I know they are being held in a small space by a small group. But that doesn’t mean I can’t do anything.

Be an emergency contact for your friends who are marching, and encourage them to write your number on their arm with sharpie.

Offer child care for those who are protesting.

Donate to organizations and charities. Just make sure to do your research first.

Help with sign making, whether it’s hosting a gathering with supplies, or making signs to hand out to those who may not be as handy with a marker.

Uplift the voices of others by sharing their words on various platforms.

Offer a safe space for friends who need self care breaks or a place to go after the protest.

Offer a listening ear to those who are scared and angry and just need to vent.

Use your words and writing to counter hate every where I see it instead of staying silent.

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