OOTD: A Queer Kid’s Super Hero Cape

You’ve seen a couple different styles from me so far, all of them colorful and quirky in some way, some more masculine, some more femme, and some a weird but awesome mix of both. This style is one of my all time favorites. It is my casual staple; that style that you don’t have to think much about and that feels so much like home that it’s as if you are bringing ‘home’ with you. It’s simple, it’s comfortable, but you know you still look fly AF and could easily conquer the world. It’s basically my super hero cape, and the best part about it is that it tends to make me look like I fell out of some video game or indie comic book.


I am obsessed with these joggers. I have four pairs of them in different colors, mint, orange, forest green, and black and I would love to find them in pink and blue.

When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia I swore off wearing clothing with zippers, buttons, and hard fabrics because it just hurt my skin too much, especially sitting in my wheelchair. For a little while, all I wore were the same pair of sweatpants every day; and while sweatpants undeniably have an essential spot in my lounge wear wardrobe, feeling like I couldn’t play with fashion like I used to, or get excited about the clothes I was wearing was really depressing. So when I found these pants that were soft twill fabric, with *gasp* an elastic waistband, and a street style drop-crotch silhouette it felt like a miracle. So while I still refuse to remove my sweater in 90 degree weather if I think it will “ruin my ensemble” it’s good to know that comfort doesn’t have to be completely sacrificed for style.


Pants: Italy Morn Chino Joggers 

Boots: Viva (Amazon) with custom laces from my ribbon collection

T-shirt: Toca Boca (Target’s new GENDER NEUTRAL CLOTHING LINE, so excited)


This style has so many variations and possibilities. The basic formula is a colorful pair of my beloved joggers, a statement tee (comfortable yet eye-catching, whether it’s a fascinating print, Bob Ross’ face, or a drawing of an alien taking off it’s human head), and colored boots. Docs work great for this, but as you may have noticed none of my boots are actually Doc Martin’s, just some off-brand amazon version. Each piece of clothing, down to your socks, should make a statement on it’s own. I also tend to pair this with a yellow fanny pack (because yes, I am that hipster millennial) with my chain of grape pompoms and leather leaves hanging down that I found at Nordstrom Rack (to be pictured in a later post), because I love it and it’s super handy to cary stuff in when I’m using my cane or just being active with my hands.

My clothing philosophy is that if you love it and you feel amazing, then you can pull off ANYTHING. Fanny packs and elastic waist pants do not have to be the un-cool tourist mom look they used to be. Even the ‘un-cool tourist mom look’ doesn’t even have to be the uncool look it used to be. Fashion is not about a set of rules, and while it helps that years of art school have given me a subconscious ever-present sense of color theory, the most important thing is that once you make your own rules, you make it believable. Because if you feel confident and amazing, you are going to look confident and amazing.


Here is me on a small decorative bike. If you want more posts about power clashing, how I chose my outfits, fashion rules that are straight up lies, and other ‘behind the scenes’ type stuff comment below. But let’s be real, if I’m excited about it I’m going to write about it either way.

Also, props to Project Runway for their beautifully diverse range of models and designers this season, and finally speaking up about the fact that yes, real humans come in all different shapes, and good fashion will make their bodies and personalities shine.

Neither your size, nor your gender, dictates that you have to dress a certain way, or follow specific fashion rules. Where what you love, and own it.

4 thoughts on “OOTD: A Queer Kid’s Super Hero Cape

  1. heyyyyy i found your blog through sleepygirl and miss diagnoses’s “peace. love. spoons.” newsletter! i’m soooo glad i did because i adore your style. i have fibro as well and expressing my style in new ways has been so amazingly empowering for me. my uniform this summer has been: floral beach shorts, cute bralettes, knit tops, and sunglasses. i was thinking that as the weather cools down, i might get into joggers since jeans are too uncomfortable now. yours look great!

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